Nova Series ATM (EFX Deal!)


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We’re excited to present to you the NOVA Retail ATM by Genmega, a game-changing addition to the retail ATM landscape.

The NOVA Retail ATM is more than just a machine, it’s an opportunity hub, introducing a world of new services and revenue streams. This advanced ATM model integrates high definition visuals with a 17-inch touch screen. The top half of the screen provides seamless full motion video, while the bottom half runs the ATM program. This groundbreaking approach ushers in a fresh era for retail ATMs.

Rest assured, innovation doesn’t mean complication. The NOVA blends cutting-edge features with the dependable components of existing Genmega retail ATMs. This means no need for additional parts or unnecessary headaches. The NOVA also continues the legacy of secure operations, with the same UL-291 certified vault as the trusted G2500 and Onyx models. Embrace the future without compromising on security or functionality.

The NOVA sports sophisticated Edge Lighting around the Cash Dispensing Unit (CDU) and the Encrypted Pin Pad (EPP), alongside the large screen displaying full motion video, positioning it at the forefront of the retail ATM evolution. As we look towards future developments in Near Field Communications, Recyclers, and more, the NOVA sets the standard.

NOVA also eliminates the need for a digital topper to advertise, creating a new revenue stream without additional capital expenses. Step into the future and elevate your profitability with the NOVA ATM.

Key Features:

  • SCDU 1,000-Note Removable Cassette with multiple options available
  • 17″ Vertical Capacitive touch-screen for intuitive interaction
  • Secure Electronic Lock (S&G A-Series or Cencon Lock upgrade options)
  • U291 Business Hours Safe (Level 1 Safe upgrade option) for ensured security
  • EMV MCR integration
  • Efficient 3″ Printer
  • Encrypted Pinpad, PCI Certified 5.0 for secure transactions
  • Optional Low Topper & Mini High Bright Topper

Switch to NOVA today, and stay ahead of the curve!