DPL Shield GPS (16.99 Monthly) (EFX)


Built-in Intrusion Detection And Theft Recovery

The Hercules Shield is a 4G LTE CAT-4, dual carrier (including 2 SIMs), dual Ethernet, high throughput modem with built-in security and GPS tracking capability, ideal for applications requiring faster speeds and higher throughput such as bitcoin ATMs (BTMs), interactive teller machines (ITMs), and digital signage. The Hercules Shield’s dual SIM/carrier feature makes it ideal for fringe areas and high volume locations requiring high network availability or redundancy. Its two Ethernet ports allow it to provide multi-service support for auxiliary devices such as video toppers, or it can be configured for WAN Failover.

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Intrusion Detection And Theft Recovery

The Protector GPS accessory is an intrusion detection/theft recovery device with GPS tracking capability. Working in conjunction with DPL’s Hercules modem, the Protector GPS sends text and email alerts for tilting/vibration, power interruptions, GPS movement and door open events. Equipped with an internal battery, the Protector GPS can continue transmitting its GPS position for up to 7 days after being disconnected from its power source.


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