About Us

ATMS4SALE is dedicated to provide our customers exceptional ATM service and solutions. Since 2007 our team of highly qualified and certified professionals has been committed to providing businesses nationally with the best ATM equipment and unparalleled first and second line of support. Our Technicians are here local, that allows us to reach any of our Customer within hours and provide them with knowledgeable, reliable and efficient service.


  • Using and Operating ATM equipment.
  • Dependable and Reliable Techs.
  • Dedication to customer support.
  • Listening and fulfilling our client’s requests.
  • With a proven track record of service and reliability. Our Service Department operates Seven days a week to service all your ATM needs. If you’re a large corporation,
  • Small Business or Startup, we are confident in our capabilities and knowledge to meet all your ATM needs and would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.

Our Vision at ATMS4SALE is simple.

ATMS4SALE was created by ATM professionals to help business owners and entrepreneurs be successful in deploying ATMS into their businesses.

Your Success is Our Mission

To give our customers a competitive advantage across the board, from purchase, to use, to expansion.  We are there with you all the way.

A Message from Our Founder

I’m Dan,

I got into the ATM business back in 2007 because I saw a massive need there.  For regular business owners to get an ATM, they were having to go through several middle-men, and then pay enormous transaction fees that ate deep into their bottom line.

I went into business to stop that from happening.  My business is based on 3 core principles, Trust, Ease of Implementation, and Customer Satisfaction.

Our ATMS FOR SALE founder